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African-American residential patterns in Davenport, Iowa

Identifier: 2004-67
Scope and Contents Photocopied maps showing African-American residential patterns in Davenport, Iowa in 1867, 1890-91, 1900-01, 1910, 1920. City directory information and map keys are included.
Dates: 2000

Airport Commission

Identifier: 2014-01
Scope and Contents This collection consists of 34 black and white photographs of Moline Airport circa 1960. 1 – Envelope – Buff colored 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches10 – Aerial Photographs – b/w - 8 x 10 inches24 – Ground photographs – b/w – 8 x 10 inchesAll photographs taken by R. K. Sunderbruch of Davenport, Iowa. Housed in 3 Folders marked “2014 – 01 Moline Airport” Accession # Folder Print # Color Size Description 2014-01 01 01 Buff 8 ½ x 10...
Dates: circa 1960

Albert Meinert papers

Identifier: 1997-24
Scope and Contents Documents pertaining to Albert and Gertrude (Howard) Meinert of Clinton, Iowa including obituaries, selective service card, driver's licenses, identification cards, and membership cards to various associations. Their daughter, Marjorie Meinert (Mrs. Charles) Flynn lived in Davenport, Iowa. A letter from Daniel David Palmer to Mrs. Marge Flynn dated 1954 regarding death of father and enclosing pamphlet from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale are part of the collection.
Dates: 1939-1953

Alfred Mueller Collection

Identifier: 2016-10
Content Description Personal items pertaining to Alfred C. Mueller, Davenport IA resident, business man and former mayor including 1938 election poster, biography of Alfred C. Mueller, correspondence, Contemporary Club paper 1918, Toole Co., Montana land documentation, tax assessment.
Dates: 1913-1957

Alice French and Jane/Jennie Allen Crawford collection

Identifier: 2005-09
Scope and Contents Photographs and personal materials relating to Jane/Jennie M. Allen Crawford and Alice French (Octave Thanet), including inscribed copies of Thanet's books. Also "Davenport Picturesque and Descriptive" published by American Art Company, 1889.
Dates: 1887-1930

Alpha Delta Kappa Teacher Sorority - Alpha Epsilon Chapter Collection

Identifier: 2017 -09
Scope and Contents Historian books from teacher's sorority consists of four scrapbooks covering 1969-2007 and one secretary book 1989-2007 that includes meeting minutes, membership and attendance.

Scrapbook 1) 1969-1974 Scrapbook 2) 1974-1989 Scrapbook 3) 1989-1999 Scrapbook 4) 1999-2007
Dates: 1969-2007

American Association of University Women

Identifier: 2007-18
Scope and Contents This collection contains Davenport-Bettendorf Branch of AAUW yearbook directories 1993-2000 which include membership lists, officers, meeting schedules, committees, and budget outline.
Dates: 1993-2000

American Institute of Commerce [AIC] scrapbook

Identifier: 2008-14
Scope and Contents This collection contains 1 scrapbook created by Margaret Gertz, AIC class of 1938. She was a member of AAU Girls' Basketball Team "AIC Stenos." Includes a brief memoir, pictures, clippings, and mementos. She also donated 1936 and 1937 Davenport Hight School Blackhawk yearbooks.
Dates: 1936-1938

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 26

Identifier: 2004-07
Scope and Contents This collection of artifacts includes organization histories, minutes of regular, executive board and past presidents meetings, membership applications that contain a lot of genealogical details, scrapbooks for the Unit, two scrapbooks about the 1927 Drill Team Paris tour by Zella Dee Cox and Edith Lucier, and photographs by Dissette, Free and other non-local studios.

Copies of unit newsletters: "Soldier & Citizen" 1954-2014 & "The Bugler" 2002-2011.
Dates: 1920-2016

An Historical Study of the Iowa Annie Wittenmyer Home by Fanin

Identifier: 2019-26
Scope and Contents sumbitted by Margaret Fannin in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Social Work to University of Minnesota; carbon copy; hardbound
Dates: 1953

Ancient Order of Hibernians meeting minutes

Identifier: 2000-11
Scope and Contents Photocopy of original ledger book; minutes of meetings, Davenport Division No. 1, 1897-1912. Includes roll calls, members and addresses, and handwritten minutes.
Dates: 1897-1912

Angeline Petskeyes personal items

Identifier: 2006-03
Scope and Contents This collection contains 6 diaries, each covering 5 years (1943-72) written by Davenport resident Angeline Petskeyes. Addition: March 2008 received funeral book of Angeline (1898-1983) and her son Roderick C. Petskeyes' baby book. Contains many photos, family history information on Petskeyes, Walthers, Hirzel.
Dates: 1943-1972

Annie Wittenmyer Home Contact Notebook from Branch

Identifier: 2006-05
Scope and Contents This collection contains the contact book and information kept at the Davenport Branch Library located at Annie Wittenmyer. Contains names and addresses of residents of the orphanage and some entries name people they are looking for.
Dates: 1978-2005

Annie Wittenmyer Home photographs, 1931-1945

Identifier: 2002-21
Scope and Contents This collection contains photographs taken at the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' Home/Annie Wittenmyer Home between 1931-1945 showing views of farm, grounds, and some staff members.
Dates: 1931-1945

Annie Wittenmyer Home scrapbook

Identifier: 1989 -07
Scope and Contents These 127 images were attached to scrapbook pages with corner mounting squares for the most part. The last few photos were attached with rubber cement. Most of the images are snapshots, 2 x 3" or 3.5 x 5". There are two 8 x 10" prints. Images were removed, labeled with the accession number, page number in scrapbook where found, and any identification that was written on the scrapbook page. The images were put into an archival folder with interleaving pieces of archival paper.There...
Dates: 1920-1952

Antoine LeClaire and Adlai Stevenson signatures

Identifier: 1999-10
Scope and Contents This collection contains 1 signature of Antoine LeClaire (signature only), and 1 signature of Adlai Stevenson on a typed letter to Henry B. Hook.
Dates: 1800s; 1952

Antoine LeClaire House Phase VII Interior Restoration and Porch Reconstruction

Identifier: 2013-32
Scope and Contents 3 ring binder prepared by Scholtz, Gowey, Gere, Marolf Interior Designers, P.C.
Dates: 1998

Antoine LeClaire land patent documents & research

Identifier: 2011-02
Scope and Contents This collection consists of photocopies pertaining to LeClaire's land acquisitions from 1832 Sauk and Fox treaty including certified copies of patents and maps.

The land patents are regarding the 640 acres in Davenport and 640 acres in LeClaire. This was provided for in Section 6 of the 1832 Treaty with the Sauk and Fox where LeClaire acted as an interpreter. There is also a copy of the 1842 Treaty with the Sauk and Fox.
Dates: 1830s

Architectural drawings for Renwick Buildings. et al

Identifier: 2007-19
Scope and Contents This collection contains blueprints for William G. Renwick buildings dated 1929-1930. Sears, Roebuck B type Retail Buildings, Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Architects Burnham Brothers Incorporated and Nimmons, Carr and Wright. Tunnicliff, Davenport city engineer.
Dates: 1929-1930

Architectural & Historical Survey 2004-2005

Identifier: 2006-22
Scope and Contents This collection contains copies of CDs documenting the Davenport Central Business District. Includes building files, scanned images of aerials, people, streetscapes, structures (indexed), Putnam Museum images, digital color images and black and white rolls of film. Info also online.
Dates: 2004-2005

Architectural plans Voss residences

Identifier: 2012-30
Scope and Contents This collection contains blueprints of plans for 4 residences: 915 West Locust, 911 West Locust, 907 West Locust, and 1720 Marquette, ca. 1912-1916; architects Ebeling and Harfst.
Dates: 1912-1916

Armil-Wass family history and photograph albums

Identifier: 2010-18
Scope and Contents Armil-Wass family history, digital copies of 2 Armil-Barrett family albums and the individual tintypes, cabinet photographs, and cartes de visites contained within, and poster of the Glen Armil housing addition in Davenport.
Dates: 1870-1900

Arnesen family papers

Identifier: 2020-22
Scope and Contents These are the papers of Delores "Dee" Albrecht Lang. Included: Davenport High School 1947 Senior Prom booklet; 5 Autograph books 1938, 1940-42, 1944, 1945, 1946; Photographs: 1 black and white 8 x 10" print in frame of Dee in navy hat; 5 snapshots paper napkin imprinted "Robert C. and Delores A. Lang February 8, 1952"; Iowa Official Register 1967-1968; Index cards of some city cemetery burials given to donor by his aunt...
Dates: 1915-1967

Arsenal Bridge and Rock Island Arsenal photographs

Identifier: 1998-12
Scope and Contents This collection contains 61 photographic prints size 8 x 10" of the Rock Island Arsenal and the Government Bridge, mostly copies taken from an 1899 report by the War Department. Includes photographs of the Colonel Davenport home in good shape and in disrepair, construction of Arsenal buildings, the National Cemetery (1902), and riverboats Delta Queen and Lone Star. Also a duplicate copy of "Rock Island Prison Barracks" book.
Dates: 1872-1955

Art reproduction Quad City Queen & Topps trading cards

Identifier: 2009-15
Scope and Contents This collection consists of 1991 art reproduction of riverboat, "Quad City Queen: a Riverboat Tribute" by artist Jerry Wenstrom and a 2009 Topps trading cards of John Deere and Buffalo Bill
Dates: 1991; 2009

Arthur Dismer Pilot Log

Identifier: 2020-09
Scope and Contents This pilot log is dated July 28, 1946 with the airport base noted as Cram Field. It notes the aircraft flown , local or cross country, includes remarks or inspector's signature and certification number, horsepower classification, and time spent flying. The last entry is dated October 21, 1950.
Dates: 1946-1950

Automobile and Davenport speed limit sign image

Identifier: 2016 -31
Scope and Contents Image showing woman standing beside road sign "City of Davenport Welcome Please slow down to 15 miles per hour" and automobile parked on dirt road.
Dates: 2016 copy; original unknown

Aviation pictures

Identifier: 2018-45
Scope and Contents Images recording 1910 airplane flight somehow involving James L. Kempthorne in a Curtiss Biplane. Research shows Kempthorne came to Davenport in 1908 to live with his aunt and attend high school. He graduated in 1912 and worked in Chicago for a time before attending Columbia University where he graduated in 1919. According to his 1978 obituary: "At age 18, Mr. Kempthorne and a friend built an airplane-just three years after the Wright brothers made their first flight at Kitty hawk-then...
Dates: 1910

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